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Turn your SketchUp files into Unreal Engine games.

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How do I open a .uproject file?
You need to install Unreal Engine.
Is there a file size limit?
Yes, we limit SketchUp files to 400MB. Please don't go overboard.
It says "In progress" and nothing else happens. What's up?
We currently have problems with Microsoft Edge. Please try with Chrome or Firefox.
I need more help.
Email your questions to Dan.
Who are you?
We are a Minnesota startup called Digi Labs, and we are trying to bring architecture into virtual reality. We are not affiliated with Epic (Unreal Engine) nor Trimble (SketchUp), but they do awesome work.


We provide VR experiences as a service. Here's an example of our process:

Architects provide the model from SketchUp
We bring the model into Unreal Engine with this importer
Our artists enrich the model for picture-perfect VR viewing